Spun Silk Yarn

Minimum order quantity
Maximum order quantity
several tonnes per annum
Delivery subject to quantity ordered
7 - 28 days
3,23x8S450x3Z450 | 3,23x3S550x2Z550 | 3,23x17S420x3Z320 | 3,23x6S400x2Z360 | 3,23x10S400x3Z360


Our spun silk yarn is produced in Uzbekistan to a very high standard.The texture of the Spun Silk Yarn does not change after washing multiple times. Rostmen can fulfill large order quantities of up to several tonnes per annum. We provide this yarn at reasonable prices.

Uzbekistan mainly produces 100% natural silk yarn and does not use any chemicals at all.  In addition, Uzbekistan does not have high-tech equipment for mixing synthetic fibers.  For example, some Chinese companies import cocoon waste from Uzbekistan and blend synthetic fibers using modern equipment.