Raw Silk Yarn

Minimum order quantity
Maximum order quantity
several tonnes per annum
Delivery subject to quantity ordered
7 - 28 days
№310, №429 & №215


100% pure mulberry raw silk yarn that has no chemical substances added and is unbleached, natural white. Mulberry raw silk does not fade even after many washes and is also shrink proof. Our silk yarn can be bought in varying quantities ranging from 200 kg per week to several tonnes per annum.

Our silk yarn can be made into many different textiles products including cushion covers, dresses, hats, sweaters, shirts for men and women, duvet covers, aprons, napkins, towels, gloves, linens and silk carpets.

Uzbekistan mainly produces 100% natural silk yarn and does not use any chemicals at all.  In addition, Uzbekistan does not have high-tech equipment for mixing synthetic fibers.  For example, some Chinese companies import cocoon waste from Uzbekistan and blend synthetic fibers using modern equipment.